IE- Useful Websites

The following are relevant and useful websites on the issue of inclusive education:

UNICEF, Europe and Central Asia Regional Inclusive Education Portal (link)

This website is designed to provide information regarding the work that UNICEF in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CEE/CIS) and its partners are involved in, particularly with regards to promoting and supporting Inclusive Education. The website contains a database of human and intellectual resources that have guided UNICEF CEE/CIS’s work on Inclusive Education, particularly with a focus on children with disabilities, and aims to provide information to all interested partners, in an easy and accessible format. This micro-site will further provide UNICEF and its partners with a forum in which to dialogue, share resources, collaborate and further promote the development of education systems that are inclusive of each and every child.

Enabling Education Network (link)

EENET (Enabling Education Network) is an inclusive education information-sharing network based in the UK.  The site contains an extensive resource database with over 800 short articles, longer documents, posters, training manuals, videos and much more from around the world.

UNESCO (link)

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation - Education for All website.

Links and Resources page of Inclusive Education Action Group (IEAG) (link)

A New Zealand organization that advocates for change in the education system through promoting knowledge, attitudes, policies and practices that facilitate inclusive education. This page contains links to and resources of other inclusive education groups that are involved in advocacy for inclusive education.